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About discrepancies in Twitter Premium data in Supermetrics

If you’re seeing a discrepancy between your Twitter Premium data and the results in your Supermetrics reporting, it could be due to one of the issues below.

Types of Twitter Premium data discrepancy

Impressions don’t match Twitter Activity Dashboard

The Twitter Activity Dashboard (TAD) in Twitter Premium reflects data per day. Data within it differs from what Supermetrics pulls — this happens because Supermetrics uses the Current totals endpoint in the Twitter API.

To fix this, download a report “By Tweet” to have the numbers match up with Supermetrics.

Additionally, Supermetrics is limited to data on interactions from Tweets published in the last 90 days. However, the Twitter Analytics dashboard can show data from Tweets more than 90 days old, which can make values in Supermetrics appear incorrect.

Note that the above only pertains to the Engagements report type. If you see a discrepancy when using the Historical report type, check that your query date range matches your comparison range.

Missing Tweets

The API will pull up to 3,200 of the most recent Tweets (starting from "today" and counting backwards in time), so if an account posts multiple times a day, it will reach this limit sooner, and the oldest Tweets won’t appear in your reporting.

Additionally, Supermetrics can only pull data for Tweets published within the last 90 days.

Video results in exported report are mismatched

If you export a report from the Twitter Activity Dashboard or Video Activity Dashboard per day, their results will be divided by day. This will cause them to differ from what you see in Supermetrics, where data is shown either “per Tweet” or “per video”.

To fix this, export reports from the Twitter Activity Dashboard “per video”.

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