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About discrepancies in Facebook Insights data

Learn more about different types of discrepancies that you might encounter between Facebook Insights and your Supermetrics reporting below.

Keep in mind that Pages Insight data is only available for Pages with more than 100 likes.

Types of discrepancies

Organic reach values from before October 2017

Our teams haven't been able to diagnose why, but Facebook Insights will sometimes fail to return Organic reach data from before October 2017. If this has impacted you, you can contact Facebook for help

Total reach

Total reach might not always exactly equal the sum of the organic and paid reach metrics. This is because the unique impressions insight values are calculated independently.

This isn’t something Supermetrics is able to work around.

Unique metrics

Unique metrics in Facebook Insights — the most common one being reach — only work when they’re calculated on a 1-day, 7-day, or 28-day date range.

If you split “Total reach” every day for 7 days and then add those values together, they won’t match the 7-day (week) result. This is because the values split by day are calculated as 1-day values, so if 1 user visits on multiple days, they’ll be counted multiple times in the results, but not in the weekly calculation.

To solve this:

  • Make sure you’re not adding up daily values when comparing to the data you see in Facebook Insights
  • Check the right values in the Export Report when comparing data 
  • If you’re not splitting by date, make sure to only query by 1-day, 7-day, or 28-day date ranges

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