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About Marketo data export limits

The Supermetrics Marketo data source connector caches data temporarily on Supermetrics' storage to serve large amounts of data efficiently to your reporting destination. Exporting data from the Marketo API starts right after you authenticate your connection to Marketo, and the export usually takes a few hours to complete.

In some cases, your Marketo instance might have such a large amount of data that it's not possible to export the data within Marketo's default daily data export limitations.

Marketo data export limitations

By default, Marketo allows exporting 500 MB of data using the Marketo API per Marketo instance per day. If this export limit is reached, you'll see an error saying Export daily quota exceeded. For more information about the limitations, see Marketo's article about the limits.

Please note that the Marketo API limitations are shared across all integrations connected to your Marketo instance that use the Marketo API, including Supermetrics.

What happens if I reach the limit?

If your Marketo instance reaches the 500 MB data export limit, it will likely happen soon after your authentication when we try to backfill the historical data which allows you to report for longer historical periods. 

In case you reach the data export limit, there are 2 ways to resolve the issue:

  1. Wait until the next day
    When our import fails, we retry it automatically on the next day. If the import still fails after retry, it likely means that there is too much data compared to the data export limit.
  2. Request more quota from Marketo 
    1. Purchase additional quota from Marketo to export larger amounts of data or to speed up your data exports. Request for more quota from your Marketo Account Manager. Read more about Marketo API limits and how to purchase more quota.
    2. Once you have requested more quota from Marketo, reach out to Supermetrics customer support and ask for the imports to be restarted.

If the above instructions don't help, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support.

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