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How to fix “File not found” errors with scheduled refreshes in Google Sheets

If you see this error when running scheduled refreshes in your Supermetrics reports in Google Sheets, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Last Status: Error: Email failed File not found


Check the file’s ownership

Only the owner of the file can set and run Supermetrics scheduled emails.

Make sure your account has Owner access to the file.

Check the file’s location

If the Google Sheets file has been moved to another location or another Google Drive, it can break the connection between the file and Supermetrics’ scheduled report triggers.

To check if the file and its Supermetrics triggers are still connected, open the Supermetrics sidebar, navigate to the Schedule tab, and scroll down to click Manage triggers in all your files

If you can’t see the trigger in there, check the file’s location, and set up new triggers for it.

Check your Google Drive type

Business Drive

If your Supermetrics license is linked to a non-business Google Account, but the file is within your Business Drive, it may automatically make the business account the file owner. This would result in the trigger not finding the file. 

To resolve this, move the file back to the non-business account's Drive location and create new triggers for it, or change the license user to the business account.

Team Drive

Team Drive locations don’t have the kinds of permissions Supermetrics scheduled reports require.

For this reason, the Google Sheets files that you use with Supermetrics should be housed in the private Google Drive assigned to your license holder’s Google Account.

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