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How to query conversions count for event

You can use the “Conversions count for [event_name]” metric in Google Analytics 4 to query conversions related to specific events. This is the equivalent of the “Goal [x] completions” field in Google Analytics. 

Note that this metric isn't compatible with all fields. The following fields are not compatible with the "Conversions count for [event name]" metric.

Incompatible fields
  • Daily cohort
  • Monthly cohort
  • Weekly cohort
  • Date hour and minute
  • Full page URL
  • Item affiliation
  • Item brand
  • Item category
  • Item category 2
  • Item category 3
  • Item category 4
  • Item category 5
  • Item ID
  • Item list ID
  • Item list name
  • Item list position
  • Item location ID
  • Item name
  • Item promotion creative name
  • Item promotion creative slot
  • Item promotion ID
  • Item promotion name
  • Item variant
  • Minute
  • Nth minute
  • Page location
  • Page path + query string
  • Page path + query string and screen class


  1. Create a new query in your destination.
  2. Select the dimensions you need.
  3. Select the Conversions count for [event_name] metric to query the conversions for the event.
  4. Run the query.

You can also query conversions with the “Conversions” metric. To do this, use the “Event name” dimension, and add a filter for “Is conversion event” equals true.

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