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About SFTP prerequisites

To start using SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) as a Supermetrics destination, some requirements need to be met. These prerequisites ensure that a working connection can be set up to successfully transfer data to your SFTP server.


SFTP server

You need an SFTP server in place before you can create an SFTP destination for Supermetrics. Learn more about how to set up a server with your operating system:

Note that if your SFTP server runs into quota issues, it could cause your Supermetrics to fail. Make sure it’s set up correctly to avoid these issues.


You need a user with access to the SFTP server and the password for that user. If you don’t have those credentials, please contact your admin. 

The user needs to have permissions to:

  • Write files to the SFTP destination
  • Delete files from the SFTP destination
  • Create and navigate to sub-folders

If the user doesn’t have permission to create and navigate sub-folders, they need to leave the “Upload Path” field empty when creating the destination.

When you click Test, our connection test writes a file to your SFTP destination and tries to delete it afterward. This makes sure Supermetrics can transfer data to the right place.

If the user doesn’t have permission to delete files, the connection test will leave empty files in your SFTP server.

IP allowlisting

You need to allowlist select IP addresses if your organization only allows access from selected networks. Add these Supermetrics IP addresses to your allowlist. 

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