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How to use Open AI with custom fields

Feature in beta

This feature is currently in closed beta. If you're interested in this feature, reach out to our support team or your customer account manager. 

We've introduced Open AI functionality into our custom fields. With this feature, you can do custom prompt engineering based on whatever field or custom field you have available. Use this feature to get creative and leverage the power of AI to automate simple analysis, especially correlation analysis.

You can use this feature for many use cases, for example: 

  • US national holiday correlation analysis: Provide a specific date from the 'date' column, and ask the ChatGPT to check if the date was a US national holiday. With this information, you can correlate the 'spend' and 'revenue' for that specific date with the AI's response to determine if there was any significant impact on marketing metrics due to the holiday.
  • Extract a particular part of a text dimension without knowing Regex: Describe in human language what part of a text — a campaign name for example — you want to extract. For example, ask ChatGPT to "extract the value in between parentheses" or "extract the last part of the campaign, where each part is separated by an underscore". Supermetrics will create a new dimension based on these rules.
  • Advertising guideline check: Provide a specific ad copy element (such as a headline, a body, or a call to action). Ask Open AI the following: "Our advertising must follow these guidelines: xxxxx. Does this ad copy follow the guidelines?" Based on the recommendations given by the AI, you can adapt your ad copy.
  • Understand different sources of traffic: Provide a traffic source dimension (such as Session source from Google Analytics 4), and ask the AI to describe the traffic source in 10 words. The result gives you a quick understanding on where your website visitors are coming from without having to do laborious research yourself.
  • Social media sentiment analysis: Provide a content field (such as Post message or Comment from Facebook Insights), and ask the AI what the sentiment of the post is. With this, you can get a quick understanding of the sentiment of your community for each piece of content.
  • Translate the report: Provide a content field that needs to be translated, such as a post message or comment, and a target language to translate to. Use this feature to get reports on different text-based content from multiple languages translated into one.


  1. On the Supermetrics Hub, go to TransformationsCustom fields.
  2. Click Create new custom field.
  3. Select either dimension or metric and click Next.
    This selection is based on the aspect of the data you aim to manipulate.
  4. Select the data source you want to apply a transformation to and click Next.
  5. Select Function as your transformation type.
    This selection enables you to manipulate your selected data using a variety of mathematical or textual operations.
  6. In the Select function field, select Transform with ChatGPT, Translate, or Sentiment analysis, depending on the task you want ChatGPT to do.
  7. Select the field you want to transform in the Input value field.
  8. Write your AI prompt in the Prompt field.
  9. After configuring your function, click Next.
  10. Give a name for your custom field.
  11. Click Create custom field.

Usage limits

With the Marketing Intelligence Cloud license, you can run 500 free queries per month to test the capabilities. With other license types, you can run 15 free queries per month to test the capabilities.

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