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How to fix duplicate query errors in Google Sheets

If a query has been duplicated in a file, it can cause several types of errors in Supermetrics queries and their results. 

These errors can include results not updating, data from an old query showing, incorrect results from scheduled data refreshes, and mixed data in single cells.


Remove duplicate queries

  1. Open the SupermetricsQueries tab (this is hidden by default — click Extensions → Supermetrics → Manage queries to open it).
  2. Check the "Sheet name" and "Range address" columns to see if there are different queries assigned to the same or overlapping cells. For example, here there are two queries in Sheet2 in range J2-K11:

If you see there are overlapping or duplicated queries, check the rows to see which is the one to keep (the full configuration will be shown in the row). Delete the whole row for the duplicates you don't want.

Once there's only one query per cell, open the sidebar, scroll down to Templates and workflow, and click Refresh all queries.

If there was a lot of extra data in the destination due to misaligned queries or cell conflicts, you may want to delete all the old data in that sheet and then run the remaining queries to ensure clean data.

Prevent duplicate queries

Most duplicate queries are added by accident. Sometimes, people may create a new query on top of an existing one instead of editing the existing query.

Any time you click Get data to table in the Supermetrics sidebar, you’ll create a new query.

To modify an existing query, make sure the sidebar shows either the query overview — which features the query’s name, details, and the option to Modify — or the modification screen, which wills say “Modifying query” at its top.

Delete queries

If you want to completely remove a query from a Sheet, click any cell in its range to open the Query overview panel in the Supermetrics sidebar. Then, click Delete query to remove the query but keep the last data it pulled in your file. 

Or, click Delete query & data to fully remove the query and all of the data it’s pulled.

Alternatively, open the SupermetricsQueries tab (this is hidden by default — click Extensions → Supermetrics → Manage queries to open it). Delete the rows that contain the queries you want to delete. 


Be careful not to delete any rows above Row 21. Doing this will cause serious errors in your Supermetrics data. If you delete a row above Row 21 by accident, use the Version History feature to restore a version of the Sheet without this deletion.

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