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How to fix the “Invalid argument type” error in Looker Studio blended data sources

When using blended data sources with Supermetrics in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), you might encounter this error:

  • Invalid argument type. Error ID: 55e5a439

Data sources created before September 15, 2020 use the Date & Time (compatibility mode) data type, while those created after that date use an updated Date & Time data type. When these 2 types of data are blended together with Date as a joined key, you’ll get the error above.


Step 1: Check if a data source uses Date & Time (compatibility mode)

When you click on a data source in Looker Studio, and then on its Date field, you can see which Date & Time data type it’s using by looking at the formatting.

  • Date & Time (compatibility mode) uses Date (YYYYMMDD).

  • The newer Date & Time data type has a blank text field under Date.

Step 2: Upgrade Date & Time data types

Google-owned data sources

If a Google-owned data source in your query is using Date & Time (compatibility mode), follow Looker Studio's instructions to update it. This should solve the problem.

Other data sources

To upgrade other data sources created before September 15, 2020, you’ll need to remove the existing data source and then create a new one. All data sources connected with Supermetrics after September 15, 2020 will connect to Looker Studio with the updated Date & Time data type.

Learn how to remove a data source from Looker Studio, and then how to create a new one.

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