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Microsoft Advertising: Permissions troubleshooting guide

Microsoft implemented changes to its authentication flow on June 16, 2021. 

This has prompted users to reauthenticate their Microsoft Advertising connector for Supermetrics. In some cases, users are also prompted to switch from a personal account to a work account. This prompt might be by choice or enforced by your administrator.


Some users have run into issues authenticating in Supermetrics after this switch. These errors are most likely an issue with how a user's Microsoft account is set up — for example, it could be the case that the Microsoft Advertising account is connected to the user's personal Microsoft account, which causes the connection to fail when a user attempts to log in with a work account. It can also be that the company's administrator hasn't approved installing our app.

If you encounter errors like "App needs admin approval" or errors that imply your account login can't be validated, we encourage you to turn to Microsoft's support or your company's IT administrator for further help. 

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