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How to query for specific conversion types in Quora Ads data

There are 2 ways to query Conversion type data in Quora Ads.


Method 1: Conversion type dimension

The Conversion type dimension shows conversion types, but can only be used with the Conversions and Conversion rate (%) fields.

Conversion type can’t be used with any other metrics — those must be requested as a separate query without the Conversion type field. 

Method 2: Conversion type setting

The Conversion type setting allows you to define a specific conversion type to use for the query. All data will be filtered according to the Conversion type selected in the setting. This means that, with this setting, only one Conversion type can be used in each query.

  • In Google Sheets, open the Supermetrics sidebar. Select a Quora Ads query and click the pencil icon to edit it. Go to Options and select a conversion type in the Conversion type dropdown menu.
  • In Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), click on any report element to open Supermetrics. Click Quora Ads to open its configuration page. Scroll down to Conversion type and make a selection in the dropdown menu.

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