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Google My Business: Permissions troubleshooting guide

When fetching data from Google My Business, Supermetrics might encounter this error:

  • Google My Business failure (One of the selected locations does not exist anymore or you do not have access to it)

This error can appear if a location you were using as part of your query configuration is no longer accessible. Expired credentials, the location being removed or renamed in Google My Business, or revoked user rights can cause this to happen.



To make sure expired credentials aren't causing the error, reauthenticate the data source connection. Reauthenticating will also update the location list, so if a moved or renamed location was causing the error, reauthenticating will solve it.

Contact your administrator

If the error persists after you reauthenticate, contact your administrator to make sure that your Google Account has the access it needs to fetch the data you're querying.

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