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How to handle automatically paused transfers

When a data warehouse transfer created on the Supermetrics Hub consistently encounters critical errors, it'll be automatically paused. This measure is taken to maintain the integrity of your data and the transfer process efficiency.

You'll receive an email notification when your transfer is automatically paused. An alert will be sent to those users who are specified as the transfer alert recipients.

Follow the steps below if you receive an alert about automatically paused transfers.


  1. Go to Transfers on the Supermetrics Hub.
  2. Look for transfers marked as paused in your transfer list.
  3. View the status of the paused transfer to see which error has paused the transfer.
  4. Review the error log to understand why the transfer was paused.
  5. Address the identified issue to ensure the transfer can run successfully.
  6. Once the issue is resolved, unpause the transfer from the Transfers page.

After unpausing, the transfer will resume its normal operation.

If you need assistance, our support team is here to help.

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