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Google Play Reviews: Connection guide

This guide gives instructions on how to connect Google Play Reviews with Google Sheets, Data Studio, and Excel. 

Before you begin

Google Play Reviews doesn't require a Google Play account. This data source has no access requirements.

Main features

With Google Play Reviews you can:

  • Return data for 400 most recent reviews for any app in the Google Play store

Note that searches are carried out with app IDs that can be extracted from the Play Store URL. For example, for, the ID would be ee.mtakso.client.

Data protection agreement 

If you have any questions about how Supermetrics handles and secures your data, read our policy on data privacy and security.


Google Sheets Data Studio  Excel Data Integrations
Before you can authenticate the data source in Google Sheets, you need to install the Supermetrics add-on.
  1. Open a new Google Sheets file. 
  2. Click Add-ons → Supermetrics → Launch to open the sidebar.
  3. Under Data source, select the data source.
  4. Navigate to Report configuration.
  5. Under Query type, select the query type
  6. Insert the Google Play ID.

Next steps

Learn how to create your first Supermetrics query with Google Play Reviews.

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