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How to log in to Supermetrics

Supermetrics requires you to log in with a Google Account or a Microsoft account to use its services. We support single sign-on (SSO) for both of these account types. We always recommend enabling 2-factor authentication for any account you use with Supermetrics.

You won't be able to log in with any other type of email address. This includes addresses with domains other than Google or Microsoft (for example, addresses ending in, or, or addresses for aliases or distribution lists.

For the first time you log in to the Supermetrics Hub, you need to register your account using this link.

Requirements for Google Workspace and Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio)

While you can use a Google Account to log in to Supermetrics in Excel or any other destination, you'll need a Google Account if you want to use Supermetrics with Looker Studio.

Additionally, if you're logging in with a Google Account and pulling from Google data sources, you should ensure that your Workspace administrator has enabled teamwide access to Google Drive and Docs for your team. Learn more about granting access to Google Workspace.

Logging in to Supermetrics and a data source with different accounts

You don’t need to use the same email to log in to Supermetrics and to connect to a data source. The data source account you log in with can be any account that has the permissions you need to query your data.


Let’s say someone logs in to Supermetrics for Looker Studio with Google Account A, which is assigned to their Supermetrics license. The account they use in LinkedIn Ads is connected to Google Account B, which isn’t assigned to their Supermetrics license.

When they connect LinkedIn Ads to Supermetrics, they would log in to LinkedIn Ads with Google Account B. If they change the email address for their LinkedIn Ads account, they’d reconnect with that new address without having to log in to Supermetrics with Google Account A a second time.

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