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About Supermetrics support

Our customer support and technical support teams are available during weekdays — there is no customer support available on weekends. We have teams in Helsinki, Dublin, Atlanta, and Singapore, providing support 24/5, and we aim to respond to your ticket within 24 hours.

If you're experiencing issues when using Supermetrics, create a support ticket from the Supermetrics Hub. The link takes you directly to the ticket creation form.

When you submit your support ticket through the Hub, we automatically get basic information about the products and data sources you're using, which makes problem-solving faster.

You can also contact us through our chat, which is available on the Hub and our website.

What can we help you with

We offer help with the following issues, for example: 

  • Account management, license management, and billing issues
  • Connection issues and error messages
  • Data discrepancies — situations where you see different data in your report and in the data source UI

Things outside the scope of our support

Our support team is here for you on all topics related to Supermetrics. There are some third-party related topics which are not covered by Supermetrics support, such as:

  • Data source account setup (such as account creation). For example, if you're not sure how to create a Facebook Ads ad account, use Facebook's Ad Manager, or create an ad campaign, please contact Meta.
  • Using native features of reporting tools, such as functions in Google Sheets or calculated fields in Looker Studio.
  • Tool or workflow setup, such as setting up transfers, creating queries, or changing your query settings.

If you'd like us to build your dashboards and reports for you, our professional services team is happy to give you a hand. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Information you should share in a ticket

While we aim to respond to your question and help you as quickly as we can, there is information you can share with us to help your issue get resolved as fast as possible.

Google Sheets and Looker Studio

In most cases, to troubleshoot your report, we need a link to the Google Sheets or Looker Studio report file you're struggling with, as well as edit access to it. When you contact us, give edit access to and share a link to the file with us.

If the file is large, share a screenshot along with the tab name or page number where the issue is.


Please share with us the Query ID for the impacted query in your report. You can find the Query ID in the SupermetricsQueries tab.

Send us also a screenshot of the query results, especially in discrepancy cases.

Data warehouse and Supermetrics API products

Data warehouse and data lake products

For transfer-related issues, please share the following information in your ticket:

  • BigQuery (marketplace): BigQuery transfer resource name
  • Other data warehouse destinations: transfer log:
    1. Go to the transfers view on the Supermetrics Hub.
    2. Click the transfer status of the affected transfer.
    3. Find the transfer run you want to report an issue on.
    4. Click Copy Log.
    5. Paste the transfer log to the ticket.

For transfer creation issues, please share the following information in your ticket:

  • Full-screen screenshots showing the transfer creation UI and the issue you have, such as an error message, or a short screen recording showing the transfer creation process and the issue, such as an error message. 
  • Consent to join your Supermetrics team for troubleshooting purposes.

Table Manager / Query Manager

To help us troubleshoot, please share the following information in your ticket:

  • Full-screen screenshots or a screen recording showing the steps you did before getting to the issue and the issue itself, like an error message. 
  • Consent to join your Supermetrics team for troubleshooting purposes.

The Supermetrics API product

For discrepancy/No data issues, please share the following information in your ticket:

  • Full query URL
  • Screenshots from the native data source UI showing the correct data

For authentication issues, please share the following information in your ticket:

  • Full-screen screenshot of the error you're seeing
  • Full query URL

For issues related to async queries, pagination, management endpoints, and other endpoints than getData endpoint, please share the following information in your ticket:

  • Full-screen screenshot of the request, response, and possible errors you got
  • Full query URL of the request you made (not the getData one)

Screenshots of missing or wrong data

If data is missing from your report or isn't what you expect to see, share a screenshot of the correct data in the data source UI. 

For example, if your Facebook Ads impressions are incorrect on your report, we need a screenshot from Facebook Ads Manager where the correct number of impressions is visible. Include the date range in the screenshot.

For data warehouse products, we'd like to get a full-screen screenshot of one-day data with discrepancy from the destination UI as well as a full-screen screenshot from the native data source UI of one-day data with discrepancy issues. Share with us also the transfer resource name in the case of BigQuery (marketplace) and the transfer name for other data warehouse products.

Error message details

If you're seeing an error message or the product acts unexpectedly, let us know the full content of the error message — a full-screen screenshot including the error message is the best option.

Share with us also what you were doing before the error message or unexpected behavior appeared. For example, let us know if you clicked any button or if you were editing the query. This helps us to try to reproduce the issue on our end.

If you're experiencing a connection or authentication problem, share with us the team ID or the email address you use with Supermetrics. You can find the team ID on the Team page on the Supermetrics Hub.

Getting the best from our chat support

Supermetrics offers live support in the chat during team office hours from Monday to Friday. Live chat is available on the Supermetrics Hub and our website. 

If the team isn't available to answer your question, you can submit a support ticket directly in the chat: in this case, the entire discussion — including possible attachments and links — is converted into a support ticket, and we'll get back to you by email as soon as possible.

Our chatbot has answers to multiple commonly asked questions, but you can also reach out to our support team by clicking Contact Support or request our accounts team to reach out to you by clicking Contact Sales.

What can our chat help you with?

Chat support is happy to help with various kinds of questions, such as: 

  • Getting started with Supermetrics products
  • Using Supermetrics
  • Pricing questions
  • Selecting a Supermetrics product that best suits your needs
  • Account management
  • License and billing questions
  • Data source authentication issues
  • Simple technical questions

If we can't resolve your case directly in the chat, we'll happily create a support ticket, and our technical support team will take over. Working in a support ticket means we can carry out a thorough problem-solving process, making sure we don't miss any details, without keeping you waiting in the chat.

We can also connect you with our accounts team for use cases requiring a more consultative approach or a custom plan. 

Best practices for chat

  • Include as many details as possible in one message, such as the full error message text. The more information on the issue you can share with us, the easier it's for us to resolve your case.
  • Please use only text in your initial message — if needed, we'll ask for screenshots later.
  • Take a look at our support articles in case they instruct you on how to solve the issue.
  • Our chatbot will answer your first message. If the suggestions from the chatbot aren't helpful, click Get more help to talk to our support team.
  • Technical issues often require time and technical support resources to diagnose and solve. The following topics are generally more suitable for support tickets: 
    • Technical questions related to Supermetrics Cloud and data warehousing solutions
    • Questions and issues related to data schemas and data transfers
    • Technical issues, such as data discrepancies, which require in-depth investigations

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