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How to fix a parameters error in Looker Studio

Follow these steps if you see this error in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio):

  • The parameters available in this report have changed and the current values are no longer valid.


  1. Log into Looker Studio and open the impacted report.
  2. Click on any report element to open Supermetrics.
  3. Navigate to Data sources in the Supermetrics pane.
  4. Click the Edit icon next to the affected data source.
  5. Click Edit connection.
  6. Under Parameters, select Allow "Select accounts" to be modified in reports.
  7. Complete the authentication process for the data source using its specific instructions.

After you’ve authenticated, navigate to the sidebar and click Parameters. Add the accounts you want to use with your reports, or add all accounts at once.


Some data sources can’t use this feature. If you don’t see “Parameters” in the options for your data source, please reauthenticate the connection between Supermetrics and Looker Studio, making sure to disable Allow “Select accounts” to be modified in reports.

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