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About Amazon S3 prerequisites

To start using Amazon S3 as a Supermetrics destination, some requirements need to be met. These prerequisites ensure that a working connection can be set up to successfully transfer data to your Amazon S3 bucket.

About permissions

You may need specific permissions to verify these prerequisites are met. If you are unable to access some information, please contact your AWS admin.


Amazon S3 bucket

You need an existing Amazon S3 bucket set up to be used as a destination.


The permission putObject is required for the S3 bucket or subfolder that is to be used as the destination. 

In addition, the permission deleteObject is useful, though not required. This permission can automatically remove an empty file generated in the setup testing phase.

See Amazon S3 documentation to learn more about action permissions.

Access key

To authorize the use of your Amazon S3 bucket as a destination, you need the access key of your AWS user. Find or generate the access key in the AWS Management Console under My Security Credentials. Access keys generated using different methods can't be used to authenticate in this case.

Each access key comes with an access key ID and a corresponding secret access key. Both are needed in the destination setup.

See Amazon S3 documentation to learn more about managing access keys.

IP allowlisting

If your IAM policy only allows requests from selected IP addresses, IP allowlisting is needed. You need to add these Supermetrics IP addresses to the Request Conditions in the IAM policy of your AWS user. Don't forget to add your own IP address to avoid losing access to your bucket.

See AWS documentation for details on limiting access to specific IP addresses.

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