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How to fix discrepancies in Pinterest Ads data in Supermetrics

This guide will walk you through how to remove discrepancies you might see between your Pinterest Ads data and the data you see in Supermetrics. 

These instructions cover every destination that Supermetrics connects to Pinterest Ads.


Missing campaigns

If you’re seeing discrepancies that include whole campaigns disappearing from your reports, it might be because those are classified as internally managed campaigns. These are campaigns that have been managed by your Pinterest account manager.

While these campaigns are visible in Pinterest, they’re not supported by the Pinterest user interface. This means that Supermetrics isn’t able to query them.

Reach out to Pinterest to find out if the campaigns missing from your reporting have been marked as internally managed campaigns.

Queries using conversion or attribution settings

Converted attribution setting

The attribution settings “7/0/0” and “1/0/0” create results for “7/1/1” and “1/1/1” in Pinterest’s administration system. This happens because that system converts 0 days to 1 day automatically.

Supermetrics doesn’t do this type of conversion. As a result, you might see a difference between what’s in Pinterest — which has the 0 days converted to 1 day — and what you see in Supermetrics, which hasn’t been altered.

Mismatched attribution setting

If you’re still seeing discrepancies without using either the “7/0/0” or “1/0/0” attribution setting, check that you’ve matched the attribution setting and conversation date for daily reporting in both Pinterest and Supermetrics.

To find this setting in Pinterest, navigate to Ads → Reporting → Conversion settings.

To find it in Supermetrics:

  • Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio): Click the Edit icon next to Pinterest Ads in the Supermetrics pane to the configuration settings. Click Edit connection, and then scroll down to Attribution window.
  • Google Sheets: Open the Supermetrics sidebar. Select a Pinterest Ads query to edit. Go to Options and select an option in the Attribution window dropdown.

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