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About the Home tab in the Supermetrics sidebar in Google Sheets

The Supermetrics sidebar in Google Sheets has the following tabs on top:

  • Home: Easy access to most used workflows and resources.
  • Queries: Lists all queries on the spreadsheet. You can also create new ones.
  • Schedules: View and manage your scheduled refreshes or set up a new one.
  • Data sources: Manage your data source connections.
  • Profile: Manage your profile, team, and license information.

The Home tab gives you quick and easy access to many features and functionalities.

At the top of the Home tab, you can access the following functionalities:  

  • Suggested queries
    Quickstart your reporting with ready-made queries. These queries pull data from last month, but you can adjust the date range as well as other query details, if necessary. Take a look at this article to learn more about suggested queries. 
  • Connect to all your data
    This takes you to the Data sources tab, where you can manage your data source connections and connect to new data sources. Our connection guides contain the information you need to get connected. To add and remove data source accounts and connections, follow the steps in this article.

Report templates and workflow

In this section, you have tools related to templates and workflows.

  • Template gallery
    We have a wide range of report templates for all sorts of reporting needs. These instructions help you to start using them.
  • Custom template
    You can use an existing report to create a report template and share the template with others. Take a look at this article for how to do that.
  • Duplicate for another account
    You can make a copy of a report you have created with Supermetrics and use it for other accounts – this can be handy if you're managing multiple accounts and want to pull the same data for different accounts. Clicking the button takes you through a clear and intuitive flow, but we also have a support article about this.
  • Refresh all queries
    Need to refresh all 250 queries on your spreadsheet but no time to refresh them all one by one? Look no further, just click this button. Note that if you really have 250 queries, the refresh might take some time. 
  • Google Analytics 4 migration
    If you have data in Google Analytics that you'd like to keep using with your Google Analytics 4 data, use this migration tool to move your Google Analytics to Google Analytics 4. For more details, take a look at this article.

Tips and instructions

Of course, there are links to our support resources.

  • Watch tutorials
    We have plenty of video tutorials to help you get your reports rolling with Google Sheets. Click this button to explore them.
  • Support content
    Wondering about the best ways to manage your queries or set up something in Google Sheets? Our support center has plenty of articles about Google Sheets and data sources you're working with.


  • Manage connections
    This button takes you to the Supermetrics Hub to view all data sources you have connected to and are able to connect to. You can add and remove connections, or make shared connections private. Learn more about managing data source connections on the Supermetrics Hub.
  • Manage queries
    This button opens the SupermetricsQueries query management sheet. Take a look at this article to learn what you can do in the query management sheet.


Last, but not least, there is a Feedback section, where you can send feedback. Questions or comments about the Supermetrics sidebar? Let us know through this feedback widget.

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