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How to fix “No data found” errors in Looker Studio

If you encounter this message while you're using Supermetrics in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), there are a few steps you can take to solve the problem.

  • No data found
  • No data
  • No data found. Your filters excluded all data returned by X

Causes and solutions

Data is missing from the source

In some cases, the account that Supermetrics is pulling from doesn't contain any data or doesn't contain data for the date range specified in the query.

To fix this, check your data source settings to confirm that you've selected the right account and that the account contains data for the query's date range. Try extending the date range to cover periods when the account has data.

Incorrect filter configurations

If your queries return the "No data found. Your filters excluded all data returned by X" error and the queries have filters added, your filters have excluded all results because they couldn't find matching values.

To fix this, remove the filters to see the values in the data set you want to filter, and then modify the filters to use the correct conditions and values.

Deprecated fields/ wrong fields

In some cases, the fields you're using in the report have been deprecated by the API and won't return any data for your queries. 

To fix this, check the supported fields from our documentation and remove or replace any deprecated fields.

Comparison date range mismatch

Seeing this error message can often mean that the query has a comparison set for its date range and that the comparison period doesn't contain any data.

For example, imagine a Supermetrics user who created ads 1 month ago and wants to pull data on them into their Looker Studio report. They create a scorecard, set the default date range to last 28 days, and set the comparison option to "Previous period".

In this case, because the query fetches data for the past two months (date range + comparison range), there isn't a full set of data for the whole period. This causes an error.

To fix this, try changing the date range or removing the comparison period.

Data blending misconfiguration

If you see no data from your blended data source, it could be caused by data blending misconfigurations. When you set joined keys between two component data sources, but there are no matching values between the two sources, Looker Studio will return values from one of the sources with left outer and right outer joins or no data at all with the inner join.

To fix this, check if the two component data sources have matching values by creating separate tables from the two sources first. After checking they share the same values, make sure to set the correct joined keys and join operator.

Issues with Facebook Ads

If you see no data when querying unique metrics such as Reach from Facebook Ads data source, chances are that you force summing the unique metrics, and the API won't allow such aggregation. Learn more about fixing null data or no data issues on Facebook Ads.

If you see no data when querying conversion metrics from Facebook Ads, your campaigns are running using different attribution settings, and the API won't be able to sum conversions from multiple attribution settings. Learn more about Facebook Ads discrepancy issues in Looker Studio scorecards.

If the above steps didn't help

If your issue persists after trying the above steps, submit a support ticket from the Supermetrics Hub.

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