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How to fix "[User] needs to log in to data source as" error

When you create a query in Google Sheets, your data source connection and license are used to fetch data — in other words, you become the query owner or query editor. Whenever anyone else refreshes the query, the query editor's login credentials will be used to refresh the query.

If you see the "[User] needs to log into data source as..." error, this means that Supermetrics couldn't find the original connection used in the query. This can happen, for example, because the query editor needs to reauthenticate or the query was edited manually and something went wrong.

To fix this, renew the connection to the data source if you're the owner of the query. If you're not the owner of the query, you can transfer the query ownership to you and refresh the query with your connection.


If you are the query owner, renew the connection
  1. Click Extensions → Supermetrics → Launch to open the sidebar.
  2. Select a query that uses the data source you want to reauthenticate from the sidebar. Click the 3-dot menu next to its name.
  3. Click Manage data source connection.
  4. In the data source list, click the chevron next to the data source's name.
  5. Click Add connection or Add new user.
  6. Authenticate the data source again.
  7. Refresh the query.
Transfer query ownership to you and refresh the query
  1. Open the Supermetrics sidebar.
  2. Make sure you're logged in to the data source and have the necessary permissions to get the data requested in the query. Learn more about data source permissions.
  3. Open the SupermetricsQueries tab. (This is hidden by default. Click Extensions → Supermetrics → Manage queries to open it.)
  4. For each query with the error, delete the "Query ID" (column A) and "Refresh with user account" (column AU) values in that query's row.
  5. Once all the queries have been prepared, open the sidebar, click the 3-line menu in the top left ( ), and then click Refresh all queries.

If you have more than one login to a data source, first create a new query with the connection you'd like to use:

  1. Create a new query using the needed connection.
  2. Open the SupermetricsQueries tab (if hidden, click Extensions → Supermetrics → Manage queries).
  3. Copy the value in the "Refresh with user account" column (column AU) from the newly created query.
  4. Paste the copied value to all query rows you want to run using the new connection.
  5. For each query to run with the new connection, delete the "Query ID" (column A) value in that query's row.
  6. Once all the queries have been prepared, open the sidebar, click the 3-line menu in the top left ( ), and click Refresh all queries.

After you refresh, you'll see a new Query ID value in column A.

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