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How to merge teams

If you’re a member with the Owner role in multiple teams in Supermetrics, you can merge one team (target team) into another one (destination team).

When you do this, the target team’s licenses, team members, and other details will be added into the destination team. The target team will be removed.

This action cannot be undone, even by Supermetrics’ support team. Use caution before merging teams.

Before you begin

You can only merge teams if:

  • The Supermetrics user account performing the merge is an Owner of both the target and destination teams. Follow these instructions to change someone’s role to Owner.
  • The target and destination teams have different names.


In this process, the destination team is the team that will exist after the merge, and the target team is the team that will be removed from the system.

  1. Log into the Supermetrics Team Site.
  2. Check you’re in the destination team in the upper right-hand corner. If not, click Switch team and select the correct team.
  3. Click the Team tab.
  4. Click Merge teams.
  5. In the Choose the team to merge in drop-down, select the target team. The target team will no longer exist after the merge — all parts of it will be added to the destination team.
  6. Check the box to confirm that you understand this action is not reversible, and that the target team will be deleted.
  7. Click OK.

After merging teams

Right after you merge 2 teams, check that all users are listed in the destination team. Make changes to the destination team’s member list if you need to.

Data sources connected to Data Studio data sources might not work correctly after a merge. Reauthenticate the data source to fix this.

Additionally, Google Sheets licenses might need to refresh their license info to reflect the new team’s information after the merge.

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