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How to fix the "You need to log in again to use Supermetrics with Facebook" error in Looker Studio

This guide walks you through how to fix the following error you might see on Looker Studio:

Due to an issue on the Facebook side, you need to log in again to use Supermetrics with Facebook. 

This error is caused by issues Facebook had that impacted Supermetrics queries using the Facebook data source connectors. Facebook resolved the issue and communicated that reauthentication is required to make your queries run again. 


  1. Click the Edit icon () next to your data source (or click Resource → Managed added data sources and click Edit there).
  2. On the left side, click Edit connection.
  3. Click the link at the end of the sentence that starts with "To add more/manage user accounts…".

  4. Choose the team that the connection you'd like to authenticate belongs to.
  5. Click Add connection.
  6. Authenticate the data source again with the same Facebook user account.
  7. Click Done at the bottom.
  8. Navigate back to your report and click Reconnect.
  9. Click Done.

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