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How to fix Google Campaign Manager 360 Floodlight variables errors in Supermetrics

When querying data for Floodlight variables in Google Campaign Manager 360, you might encounter these errors:

  • Query is stuck and progress bar halts
  • Timeout errors
  • Query failed: Results not ready yet

These happen when an account has a large number of advertisers attached to it.

To fix this in Google Sheets or Excel, create a filter that filters for Advertiser, using either the Equals or Contains operator. For example, “Advertiser EQUALS ExampleName” would return data for only that advertiser.

Date range errors 

Queries that include Floodlight fields can pull up to a maximum of the last 60 days of data. Longer date ranges will result in errors.

To fix this, adjust your date range to 60 days or less.

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