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How to fix discrepancies in Snapchat Marketing data in Supermetrics

This guide covers types of discrepancies that you might encounter between the data you see in Snapchat Marketing and the results in your Supermetrics reporting.

Rejected ads

Supermetrics includes all types of ads by default, including rejected ads. This means that you might see differences in related metrics.

To fix this, use the "review_status" dimension to filter out rejected ads.

Mismatched attribution settings

If you've defined an attribution window in your Snapchat Marketing query, it's important to make sure the setting in that query aligns with the setting in your Snapchat account.

To fix this, follow these steps.

  1. Open Snapchat Marketing. Navigate to the Campaigns tab.
  2. On the right-hand side, click Columns.
  3. Compare the conversion window you see there with the one you've defined in your Supermetrics query.

No data or incorrect data

Total granularity isn't supported for unique and non-aggregatable metrics and will return an error, no data or 0 values, or incorrect data. Hour, day, and lifetime granularity are supported.

To fix issues with unique and non-aggregatable metrics, use the Date dimension to get results by the day granularity.

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