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How to fix discrepancies in Klaviyo email campaign and flow data

Klaviyo recognizes two types of emails:

  • Campaigns: One-off email campaigns, like a holiday sale
  • Flows: Continuous email campaigns that are sent based on user action, like a cart abandonment email

Learn how to fix discrepancies in Klaviyo open and click rate data.

Order value and related metrics for flows and campaigns

When fetching orders data with Supermetrics, all orders are returned, including orders that have not been attributed to an email sent from Klaviyo.

To return only orders that are attributed to Klaviyo, split your query by Campaign ID or Flow ID.


One-off campaign reporting

There's a chance you'll see discrepancies if you split campaign reporting by date.

To see the date the campaign was sent out, use the Campaign send date dimension.

If there's data for campaigns that you didn’t expect to see in your report, it can be because the recipient has received or clicked on a campaign email during your selected date range. This means that the data appears in your report even though the campaign was not sent during the date range you selected. 

To exclude these campaigns, select the “Return only campaigns sent within the selected date range” option in your query's settings.

Metrics by lists

Email and sales metrics by list are returned only for campaigns, and not for flows. For flows, the following error message is returned:

  • Failed to fetch campaign details for campaign ID [xyz]

It's not possible to return data and metrics by segment.


Flow emails appearing in campaigns

In both the Klaviyo API and Supermetrics, all emails — including campaigns and different steps of flows — are considered campaigns. This means that if you fetch all revenue or email metric data and split it by campaign dimensions, for example, you’ll also see emails of your flows appearing on the list of campaigns.

To fix this, set up a filter using the Campaign is part of a flow dimension:

  • Filtering to get data for campaigns only:
    • Field: Campaign is part of a flow
    • Operator: EQUALS
    • Value: FALSE
  • Filtering to get data for flows only:
    • Field: Campaign is part of a flow
    • Operator: EQUALS
    • Value: TRUE
Total placed order value, Shopify value, or email and sales metrics

Klaviyo uses different parameters in its reporting and its API to measure conversion data.

  • In its reporting, Klaviyo attributes email and sales events to the date when the user received the email that those events were attributed to.
  • In its API, however, Klaviyo attributes these types of events to the day on which they actually occurred. It ignores the date when the user received the email that the events are attributed to.

As Supermetrics pulls data from the API, the results that you see in your queries can differ from those you see in Klaviyo. 

A longer date range can help to reduce the impact of the difference in attribution dates between Klaviyo's reporting and its API, but there's still the possibility that you'll see different results in Supermetrics compared to what you see in Klaviyo.

To get the purchase total price, use the Shopify/Magento/WooCommerce order value metric. This allows the query to return the total sales volume as an aggregate value. The purchase total price in Klaviyo is a dimension rather than a metric.

List subscribers

New subscribers data

Supermetrics returns new subscribers in the way that they’re returned from the Klaviyo API. 

That doesn’t include, for example, new subscribers imported to Klaviyo via API, including integrations and plug-ins, such as Shopify and Facebook. Only signups and subscriptions through Klaviyo’s own forms are included.

Lists and segments
The list members metric returns the current value of subscribers or members of your segments and lists. This metric mimics the Lists & Segments section in the Klaviyo UI. This metric can’t return any historical values.

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