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How to cancel a Supermetrics license

The cancellation process is different according to the way the Supermetrics license was purchased.

Licenses bought online

To cancel a Supermetrics license that was bought online, you only need to disable its auto-renewal status.

Please note that disabling auto-renewal does not cut off your license immediately. The remaining time on the license will continue to run until it hits the expiration date, and then the subscription will be over. With auto-renewal off, no additional payments will be made and the tools will shut off.

Note that while you can cancel future payments at any time, Supermetrics will not refund the remaining days of your existing license, should you choose to cancel the subscription.

License bought with our sales team

If you have a separate signed agreement with Supermetrics, the agreement will take precedence and you should handle canceling the subscription according to the agreement.

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