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How to fix discrepancies in Criteo data in Supermetrics

Follow these steps to resolve discrepancies in different types of Criteo data when creating reports with Supermetrics.

Currency and cost data

Criteo’s API doesn’t retrieve the account’s currency settings, which can create mismatched values if the currency setting in Supermetrics isn’t the same.


  • Google Sheets: Open the Supermetrics sidebar, navigate to Options. Set the query’s currency to match the one in your account settings.
  • Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio): Open the data source’s configuration panel, and set the currency setting under the Currency dropdown.
  • Excel: Open the Supermetrics sidebar and navigate to Options. Under Advanced settings, set the currency code to match your account’s.

Timezone data

Criteo’s user interface reports timezones in GMT, PST, and JST, but its API can’t report in any timezone. If your Supermetrics product timezone isn’t set to one of the timezones in the interface, mismatched values can result.


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