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Google Ads: Permissions troubleshooting guide

If you’re using Google Ads in any destination and any of your accounts are inactive, you might see these error messages:

  • Authorization error: customer not active ID
  • User permission denied: user A does not have permissions for account B
  • GoogleAdsFailure: AuthorizationError.CUSTOMER_NOT_ENABLED

Google Accounts can be deactivated because they haven’t been active in 15 months, or they’ve been deactivated manually. When an account is deactivated, the API can no longer access it, and so it encounters an error when you run a query.

Visit Google’s help center to learn how to reactivate an account.


Solution 1: Add Exclude_invalid_accounts to your query

  1. Open the Supermetrics sidebar.
  2. Navigate to Options
  3. Under Advanced Settings, insert Exclude_Invalid_Accounts.

Any Supermetrics query that includes Exclude_Invalid_Accounts will skip these types of errors and pull data for active accounts automatically, even if some of the accounts in the query aren’t active. 

Once you’ve added this to a query, it works until you remove it.

Solution 2: Remove a deactivated account

In Google Sheets, open the SupermetricsQueries tab (if this is hidden, navigate to Extensions Supermetrics → Manage queries). Find the row with the impacted query, scroll to the Accounts/Views column, and remove the deactivated account.

In Data Studio, open the main configuration settings for the Google Ads data source and uncheck the box next to the deactivated account to remove it from the query.

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