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How to refresh account list in data warehouse destinations and Query Manager (API)

The data warehouse destinations and Query Manager (API) show the account lists in two different places with a slightly different approach. This article shows you how to refresh the account list for these products.

You can see the accounts list in two different places: 

  • Transfer page on the Supermetrics Hub or BigQuery transfer flow
    The transfer flows fetch the account list. To update the account lists, refresh the account list on the Licenses page on the Supermetrics Hub.
  • Query Manager
    To refresh the accounts list, refresh the account list in Query Manager.


Refresh account list on Licenses page

This action refreshes the accounts for all the connections for that particular data source the user has access to.

  1. Go to the Licenses page on the Hub.
  2. Find the license you need to refresh the account list for, and click the arrow icon to expand the license details.
  3. Click Refresh account list.

You may need to refresh the Transfers page on the Hub and the transfer modal in BigQuery to get the latest accounts to show up.

Refresh account list in Query Manager

This action refreshes only the accounts for the selected data source connection in Query Manager.

  1. On the Supermetrics Hub, select API in the sidebar.
  2. Select a data source.
  3. In the sidebar, under Select accounts, click Refresh account list. Note that this label might change depending on the data source you're using — in Google Analytics 4, for example, it reads Refresh property list.

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