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Pinterest Ads field and authentication update - June 7, 2023

In preparation for the upcoming deprecation of Pinterest API v4, we'll be making several changes to the Pinterest Ads data source on June 7, 2023. These changes require action to keep queries and transfers running after the deprecation of v4 on June 30.

Authentication changes

The new Pinterest API v5 requires a different authorization flow, and the older authentication tokens won't be compatible in the future. Starting on June 7, you can reauthenticate using the standard steps to generate a v5-compatible authentication token.

You'll have up until June 30, 2023, to reauthenticate. After that, your queries will start to fail when the older API is deprecated.

Field deprecations

In addition to the authentication changes, the following fields are no longer available in the API v5 and will be marked as deprecated. Please remove them from your reporting:

  • Advertiser created date
  • Advertiser is one-tap
  • Advertiser type
  • Advertiser updated date
  • Business address
  • Is a test account
  • Is agency
  • Is paying agency
  • Merchant ID
  • Represented country
  • VAT exempt number
  • VAT number

What you need to do

Between June 7 and June 30, reauthenticate the Pinterest Ads connector using these instructions. Failure to do so will cause queries to fail after the v4 API is deprecated on June 30.

To keep existing queries running with the new login, follow the steps here to replace your old Pinterest Ads connection (the one with the ID as the username) to use the new login.

If you're using any of the deprecated fields, remove those from your reporting, as they will return empty data after May 25.

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