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About query types in Looker Studio

If you're using a data source connector with query types and need to use multiple query types in your Looker Studio report, you'll need to create separate data sources for each query type you use. This is due to limitations from the APIs — some fields can't be combined together in the same query and need to be separated into different query types.

With some data source connectors, if you don't see a full list of fields, they're likely included in a different query type. In this case, you may need to experiment and try different query types to find the metrics and dimensions you need. See the connection guides for guidance on how to connect the data source to Looker Studio and what data each query type gives.

When you create different data sources, navigate to Query type setting, and select one query type for each data source.

If you want to change the query type for a data source you've already created, click the pencil icon to edit the data source. Then, click Edit connection, and select a different query type. 


When creating the data sources for each query type, make sure to rename the data source with a name that includes the query type name. This makes it easier to find the right data source when you're setting up your dashboard.

Our connection guides list the query types for data source connectors that have them.

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