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How to edit a BigQuery (marketplace) transfer

You can make changes to the details and configuration of your BigQuery data transfers.


  1. Log in to the Google Cloud Platform.
  2. Navigate to BigQueryData transfers.
  3. Click on the transfer you want to edit.
  4. On the transfer details page, click Edit in the top right corner.
  5. On the Edit transfer page, you can make edits to the details of the transfer.
  6. To edit the Supermetrics data source connection, click Change configuration under the Third party connection section.
    • Depending on your data source, you can make edits such as the selected table group, accounts, and other general settings.
    • Click Submit to save your changes to the Supermetrics transfer settings.

      Any changes you’ve submitted in the Supermetrics transfer settings window will be applied regardless of whether you save the changes in the BigQuery Edit transfer page. These settings are independent of the transfer details in BigQuery.

  7. Click Save at the bottom of the Edit transfer page to save any changes made to the transfer details.

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