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Adjust data source connector updates

What's happening

The Adjust connector has been updated with new features, including support for Datascape reporting. This is due to Adjust upgrading its reporting data API.

In this article, we highlight the changes and improvements to the connector.

Query type changes

We've introduced the new Datascape query type, which replaced the KPIs query type. The KPIs query type was deprecated on April 9, 2024. If you have queries using the KPIs query type, those will return the error message The KPIs report has been deprecated. Please use the Datascape report instead.

The Datascape query type allows you to retrieve data from the Datascape dashboard. This query type introduces additional settings for Attribution status and Ad spend source, enabling more advanced reporting.

The Datascape query type offers more powerful custom event reporting as each event has its own custom metric to measure the number of times the event occurred.

Field availability in the Datascape and KPIs query types

Fields available in the Datascape query type:

  • Ad ID
  • Ad name
  • Ad revenue
  • Ad revenue (cohort)
  • Ad spend
  • Ad spend (attribution)
  • Ad spend (network - SKAdNetwork)
  • Ad spend (network)
  • Ad spend diff (network)
  • Adgroup ID
  • All revenue (cohort)
  • Base sessions
  • Campaign ID
  • Channel
  • Click Conversion Rate (CCR)
  • Click cost
  • Clicks (attribution)
  • Clicks (network)
  • Country code
  • Currency code
  • Currency name
  • Custom events metrics
  • eCPI (all installs)
  • eCPI (network)
  • eCPI (paid installs)
  • eCPM (attribution)
  • Gross profit
  • Gross profit (cohort)
  • Impression Conversion Rate (ICR)
  • Impressions (network)
  • Installs (network)
  • Installs diff (network)
  • Partner ID
  • Platform
  • Revenue (cohort)
  • ROAS (ad revenue)
  • ROAS (all revenue)
  • ROAS (IAP revenue)
  • Source ID
  • Source name (optional)
  • Store ID
  • Store type

Fields available in the KPIs query type that aren't available in the Datascape query type:

  • Cohort ad revenue
  • Cohort all revenue
  • Cohort gross profit
  • Cohort revenue
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per event
  • CPC
  • Creative
  • Ecost
  • Effective cost per install
  • Effective cost per mille
  • Event name
  • Event token
  • Impression CVR
  • Network
  • Return on ad spend
  • Total cost
  • Tracker name
  • Tracker token
  • Tracker token (creative)
  • Tracker token (network)

What you need to do

We recommend that all users of the Adjust data source connector start using the new Datascape query type in their reporting. To do this, update your existing queries or create new ones using the Datascape query type before April 9, 2024.

In our data warehouse destinations, the old STANDARD table group has been archived and renamed STANDARD_ARCHIVED20231201. The new STANDARD table group has been updated to use the Datascape query type. We recommend that you create new transfers using the new STANDARD table group.

We're here for you

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, contact our support team.

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