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How to set a custom conversion window in Facebook Ads queries

You can define a custom conversion window in a query by selecting some conversion metrics with specific windows, or configuring the query to use a specific window when calculating the results.

Note that while this is referred to as a conversion window in Supermetrics, it's called attribution setting in Facebook Ad Manager. 

The attribution setting can be set at the Ad or Campaign level. 

  • If looking at the Ad level, it’ll show the same value as the Ad Set that ad belongs to. 
  • If looking at the Campaign level, it will show the value if all the linked Ad Sets are the same, or "Multiple Attribution Settings" if it's mixed.


Looker Studio
  1. Click on any element in your report that's connected to the Facebook Ads data source to open the Supermetrics pane.
  2. Navigate to Data source and click the Edit icon next to Facebook Ads to open the configuration page.
  3. Click Edit connection in the top left.
  4. Select the attribution setting in the Conversion window dropdown menu.

If you need multiple objects with different conversion window settings, you'll need to create multiple data source files, one for each conversion window.

Alternatively, enable the Allow "conversion window" to be modified in reports setting on the configuration page. This will allow you to modify this setting in different report charts.

Google Sheets, Excel, and Query Manager (the Supermetrics API)
  1. Open the Supermetrics sidebar and create a new Facebook Ads query or select a Facebook Ads query to modify.
  2. Navigate to Options.
  3. Select the attribution setting in the Conversion window dropdown menu.
  4. Repeat this for every query that you want to include a custom conversion window.
Data warehouse destinations

Follow these instructions for data warehouse transfers from the Supermetrics Hub. For data warehouse transfers using BigQuery (marketplace), follow the instructions below.

  1. Click Edit transfer on an existing Facebook Ads transfer or create a new transfer, and select the Facebook Ads data source.
  2. In the transfer setup view, scroll down to the Conversion window dropdown menu under General settings.
  3. Select the attribution setting to use in your transfer.
  4. Save your transfer.

BigQuery (marketplace)

  1. Create a new transfer for Facebook Ads, and set up the transfer details.
  2. Click Connect source.
  3. Select your accounts.
  4. Under General settings, select the attribution setting in the Conversion window dropdown menu.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Save to save your transfer.

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