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How to fix discrepancies in HubSpot data in Supermetrics

If you’re finding discrepancies between the data you see in HubSpot and the results you see in your Supermetrics reports, follow the steps below to solve the problem.


Import status, latency, and incomplete results

HubSpot data imports aren’t instant — instead, they happen about once a day. This can mean that you might see old data in Supermetrics between imports.

Additionally, if your HubSpot account contains a very large amount of data, Supermetrics can take a little longer to import it fully.

Check the import status in the Supermetrics Hub to find out when your data was last updated.

Timezone and advanced date settings

If there’s a mismatch between either your HubSpot timezone or advanced date settings and the settings in your Supermetrics query, you might see a discrepancy in your results.

Adjust your query so that its timezone and advanced date settings match those you see in HubSpot.

Multiple accounts

Different HubSpot accounts may be using different settings in HubSpot. If you’re using multiple HubSpot portals for your query, make sure to check them all and adjust accordingly. You might need separate queries if you can’t unify the settings across all portals.


Some fields, including those related to email, require HubSpot’s “content” permission scope. Only users with Super Admin permissions in a HubSpot account can grant this permission.

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