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How to restore access when someone removes a data source in Looker Studio

This guide will walk you through how to fix this error in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio):

  • The owner of this component has revoked the data source. To resolve this, please contact the owner of the data source.
  • The data source no longer has access to the underlying data set. Please contact the data source owner to fix it.

This happens when the user who originally connected the data source to Supermetrics has revoked the credentials they used to access that data source.

There are 2 solutions for this issue.

Transfer the data source account

If someone with access to the data source account is available to make changes to it, use these guides to transfer ownership to someone on your team.

When you transfer ownership of a data source, its credentials remain intact. This ensures that data sources using the Owner role’s credentials will continue to provide data to reports as they did before the transfer.

The new owner can change the credentials to use their credentials by reconnecting the data source. If the previous owner revoked their credentials, the new owner will need to reconnect the data source to use their own credentials to access data.

Copy and recreate the data source file

If you can’t transfer ownership of the data source account, you can copy the data source file, or recreate it, and attach it to the report.

Report editors can copy any embedded data sources and reusable data sources that they have Edit access to. Refer to this guide to copy or recreate the data source:

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