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How to delete a Supermetrics account

Our support team can help you delete a Supermetrics account at any time.

Before you begin

When a Supermetrics account is deleted, we remove all user data in line with our security and data privacy policies. This process works in the same way for all types of account, including those connected to data warehouses or cloud storage platforms.

An account deletion can't be undone — once an account is deleted, there's no way to recover it or any of its data. 


Our support team will work with you to delete your account.

  1. Create a support ticket.
  2. Fill out the fields for your user and product information. Select Other in the Type dropdown.
  3. In the Description field, be sure to include:
    1. The reason for your deletion request
    2. Your Team ID
    3. Your license ID

Our team will reach out to you once your account has been deleted.

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