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How to set up scheduled refreshes in Power BI


This article describes the steps to set up automatic refreshes for data imported using the Supermetrics connector for Power BI. If you're using the Supermetrics API and importing data to Power BI using a Web URL, follow these steps to set up refreshes for your data.

You can set up scheduled refreshes in Power BI to fetch fresh data to your report regularly. As Supermetrics is a certified connector, you can use native Power BI Service refresh functionality to set up scheduled updates.

About custom connector

If you're using a custom version of the Supermetrics connector, you need to use it with the on-premises gateway. 

To switch to the certified Supermetrics connector and native Power BI service refreshes, remove Supermetrics from the Custom Connectors folder on your computer, delete the on-premises gateway connection, and make sure that the on-premises gateway is not used for the scheduled refreshes. Then, set up new refreshes using the certified Supermetrics connector, as instructed below.


  1. Once you publish your report, go to your workspace in Power BI Service.
  2. Find the semantic model behind the report and click the Schedule refresh icon.
  3. Open the Gateway and cloud connections tab.
  4. Check that the Use an On-premises or VNet data gateway toggle under the Gateway connections is turned off.
  5. Check that the Supermetrics data source listed under Cloud connections is mapped to a Personal Cloud Connection
  6. Open the Data source credentials tab.
  7. Make sure that you see Supermetrics in the list. 
  8. If you schedule a refresh for the first time or see any error here, click Edit credentials. Select OAuth2 as the authentication method, with Organizational privacy level. Click Sign in and log in to your Supermetrics account. 
  9. Open the Refresh tab.
  10. Turn the toggle on and define the refresh schedule you need.
  11. Click Apply.

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