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Facebook Ads: Unified attribution update

On November 3, 2021, Supermetrics will begin to show conversion values in the same way the Facebook Ad Manager UI does. In the Graph API, Facebook calls this "unified attribution".

Unified attribution uses the ad set's defined attribution setting — referred to in Supermetrics as the conversion window — for conversion calculations rather than using the account setting. 

This change doesn't impact your conversion window settings. It's intended to improve the performance of metrics like "Video watched %", for example, and to help the "Default attribution" setting show the right value as defined at the ad set level (instead of having 7d click + 1 day view as the only option, for example).

Learn how to disable unified attribution.

See other options on how to solve possible discrepancies related to this: "Queries without Campaign/Ad set/Ad dimension that use Default attribution"

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