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How to solve “No queries found” errors in Excel

If you encounter an error in Supermetrics for Excel that reads “No queries found”, it’s likely that either the logged-in user account isn’t the account the queries were built with, or the active account using the Excel file has a different license or Supermetrics team.


Check the account and team name

  1. Open the Supermetrics sidebar.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Query tab.
  3. Check that the User and Team are correct.
    • If the user is wrong, log out, and log back in with the correct user.
    • If the team is wrong, click on the team name to go to the list of teams, and select the correct team.

Check for queries in the SupermetricsQueries sheet

  1. Open the SupermetricsQueries sheet.
  2. Find the impacted query in the list, and delete its Query ID.
  3. Open the Supermetrics sidebar and click Get data to refresh the query and remove all cached data.

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