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Google Trends connection guide

This guide contains all permissions and requirements for connecting your Google Trends data to Supermetrics.

You can connect to data sources from the Data sources page on the Supermetrics Hub. On the Hub, you can also share an authentication link to connect to a data source you don't have direct access to.

After you connect to the data source on the Hub, you can use the data source connection in all available destinations.

Required permissions

Google Trends is a publicly available data source, so you don't need an account or any special permissions to access it.

Use it to:

  • Inspect the popularity of one or multiple Google search terms over time
  • Compare up to 50 search terms at once
  • Inspect search term popularity by geolocation
  • Fetch trending searches by country
  • Fetch data by search term or by topic

Search volume is returned as a relative metric, where 100 represents the highest volume within the time range selected.

Query topics in Google Trends

In Google Trends, you can search for a specific search term or a topic that contains multiple search terms. Explore Google's documentation to learn about the difference between search terms and topics.

To query for a topic, you need to get a unique identifier called topic code for the topic you want to query. Follow these steps to find the topic code and build a query for a topic:

  1. Search for a topic on Google Trends.
  2. Copy the topic code from the browser's URL bar — this is the last section of the URL, beginning with a % symbol after a comma or equal sign (=). See the screenshot below.
    In this example, the topic code starts after the comma. Note that the search term isn't encoded, which makes it different from a topic.
    If you have searched for one topic only, the topic code starts with the % symbol that follows the equal sign.
  3. Decode the topic code. Sites like URL Decoder are helpful for this.
  4. Insert the decoded topic code into the Search term field in Supermetrics when you're creating your query.

Query types

Query types define what sort of metrics and dimensions are available. You need to select one of the following query types when pulling data:

  • Interest over time
  • Interest by hour
  • Interest by region
  • Related queries
  • Related topics
  • Topic suggestions
  • Daily search trends

Connection instructions

When connecting to Google Trends, you need to select a query type and enter the search terms. 

  1. Select the Google Trends data source on the Supermetrics Hub or in the data destination.
  2. If prompted, choose to make this connection shared or private.
  3. Click Start.
  4. In your data destination, select a query type and enter the search term or topic code (see Query topics in Google Trends above) for each search term you'd like to query, separated by a comma with no whitespace (,).

See detailed instructions on how to connect to a data source from the Supermetrics Hub.

You can also connect to Google Trends from these destinations:

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