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How to create and share Supermetrics report templates for Google Sheets

If you’ve created a Supermetrics report that you’d like to share as a template, follow these steps.

You can also submit a support ticket about adding your template to our gallery of free templates.


  1. Create a report in Supermetrics for Google Sheets. Keep everything in a single worksheet.
  2. Delete your queries’ results, or replace it with dummy data, so none of your data is shared. 
  3. Open the ‘SupermetricsQueries’ tab. (This is hidden by default. Click Extensions → Supermetrics → Manage queries to show it.)
  4. Delete the contents of the Query ID, Accounts/views, Created, Updated, Last status, Last refresh ID, Results contain sampled data, and Refresh with user account columns.
  5. In the file’s sharing options, click Get shareable link. Select Anyone with the link can view to stop people from making changes to your template.
  6. Share the file’s link with anyone who’s interested in using your template.

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