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How to create a Supermetrics query in Google Sheets

This guide will walk you through how to create a query and start pulling your data directly into Google Sheets with Supermetrics.

Make sure you’ve installed the Supermetrics add-on and logged into at least one data source before you begin.


  1. Open a Google Sheets file.
  2. Navigate to ExtensionsSupermetricsLaunch to open the Supermetrics sidebar.
  3. Click Create new query.
  4. Under Data source, choose which data source your query should pull data from.
  5. Select which data source account you want to use for this data source.
  6. In the sidebar, choose your query’s Date range, Metrics, and Dimensions.
  7. Make further adjustments in Segment and Options, and add a filter if you need one.
  8. Click Get Data to Table. Your data will fill starting from the cell you’ve selected in your Sheet.

If you need to modify your query, click on any cell containing its data to open the Supermetrics sidebar. Then, click the pen icon.

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