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Get started with Supermetrics for Excel

Great to have you here! Follow these steps to get started with Supermetrics for Excel.

  1. First, start a 14-day free trial for Excel, unless you have already done so. 
  2. Then, install the Supermetrics add-in to Excel
  3. Now that you have the Supermetrics add-in – or the Supermetrics sidebar – installed to Excel, you can start connecting to data sources. Select a data source from the Supermetrics sidebar.
    Take a look at our data source connection guides for the details you need to connect.
  4. Good job! Now you can create your first query!

Learn more

Explore also the articles on using Supermetrics in Excel and the best practices for Excel to deepen your knowledge with relevant topics. Learn how to set up a scheduled refresh for your report, for example.

To get the most out of your data sources, take a look at our report building and query setup guides.

Report templates

We have a wide range of report templates available for Excel in our template gallery

Follow this guide to populate the template with your data.


In case something doesn't go as expected in Google Sheets, take a look at our troubleshooting articles for Excel.

If you're having issues with a data source, check out the reauthentication guide and articles related to the data source

Reach out to our support team if you can't find an answer to solve your issue.

Happy reporting!

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