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How the Facebook new Pages experience works with Supermetrics

Facebook launched a new Pages experience in early 2021. Pages that fall into this category work slightly differently with Supermetrics than older Facebook Pages do.

We’ll keep this page updated as Facebook continues to roll out new updates to these new Pages.

Access and permissions

To enable Supermetrics for Facebook with new Pages, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Facebook Ads: View performance access to the linked Facebook account
  • Facebook Insights: Insights access to the linked Facebook Page
  • Instagram Insights: For assets managed by the Business Manager, Insights permission added through the Facebook Page that is connected to the Instagram profile is sufficient. In other cases, Insights permission to the Instagram profile.

Visit Facebook's help center to learn more about access to new Pages. When you're ready, give the right access to the accounts you need.


If you see the errors below, it means that your accounts don’t meet the requirements.

  • Error: Instagram Insights failure ((#100) permission denied) 
  • Error: Facebook Insights post fetching error: Invalid Oauth 2.0 access token

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