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About results summary by ChatGPT in Google Sheets and Excel

Supermetrics for Google Sheets and Supermetrics for Excel include the option to add a results summary to your queries. The results summaries are supported for all data source connectors except for the JSON/CSV and Database connectors.

For most queries, the results summary option uses GPT 4 (OpenAI) to summarize the results of your data. If your query exceeds the model's content size limit, the option switches to using GPT 3.5.

The results summary gives you a quick and easy way to understand the key takeaways from your marketing data. The summary option summarizes the data that you choose to include in your query. 

To use the summary feature, check the Add results summary by ChatGPT checkbox under Options in the Supermetrics sidebar. The summary will be automatically generated and added to the top of your spreadsheet.

Users with Supermetrics for Google Sheets or Excel license or trial can run 15 results summary queries per month. Users with a Supermetrics Marketing Intelligence Cloud license can run 500 results summary queries per month.

The ChatGPT API is used to pass the data. The data is retained for 30 days, and the data is not used in any form to train the OpenAI data models. Learn more about the ChatGPT API and data use from OpenAI.

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