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Piano Analytics (AT Internet) connection guide

Use this guide to connect your Piano Analytics (AT Internet) data to Supermetrics.

If you need to connect this data source to one of our data warehouse or cloud storage destinations, explore our data warehouse and cloud storage setup guides.

Before you begin

Before using the Piano Analytics (AT Internet) connector, you must get your site ID as well as an access key and secret key.

Get your site ID
  1. Log in to Piano Analytics (AT Internet).
  2. Open the Data Query feature.
  3. Select the “Site ID” as the row and “Visits” as the column.
  4. Click the arrow on the right side to launch the query.
  5. Your site ID should now be visible in the table. Copy and save this number.
  6. If you have multiple sites that you want to report for, copy and save each one.
Get your access key and secret key
  1. In "Piano Analytics (AT Internet)", go to your profile page.
  2. Select the API Keys tab.
  3. Select Create a new API Key.
  4. Give any name for this key, for example, “Supermetrics”.
  5. Click Create a new API Key.
  6. Copy the access key and secret key to a safe place.
  7. Click OK.

Query types

  • Performance report: Analytics data for your website, including metrics for acquisition and on-site behavior.


Google Sheets Looker Studio Excel

Make sure you've installed the Supermetrics add-on before you connect.

  1. Open a new Google Sheets file.
  2. Navigate to Extensions → Supermetrics → Launch to open the Supermetrics sidebar.
  3. Click Create query.
  4. Under Data source, select Piano Analytics (AT Internet).
  5. In the Site name field, give any name for this Piano Analytics (AT Internet) login in Supermetrics, so that you can identify it later.
  6. Enter your access key and secret key.
  7. Enter the site ID that you want to report for.

    You can enter one site as “12345”, or multiple sites separated by commas: “12345,56342,23444”. 

  8. Click Start.

Learn about advanced settings, best practices, and troubleshooting tips for Supermetrics for Google Sheets.

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