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How to monitor your HubSpot data import status

A HubSpot account can contain a very large amount of data. To improve performance, Supermetrics caches this data, which means that it might take some time to complete the import when you first connect Supermetrics to HubSpot.

The initial import can take days, depending on the size of the account. Once it's completed, HubSpot will import data once per day. This means you'll need to wait for the next daily import to finish if you're looking for data — on deals or contacts, for example — that's been modified since the last import.


You can monitor the status of your data imports on the Supermetrics Hub.

  1. Log in to the Hub.
  2. In the sidebar, go to StorageMonitoring.
  3. Select the HubSpot tab.
  4. Click Monitor to see an account's import activity.

If an initial import hasn't been completed, you won't be able to request the data for that type until it's complete. It could take days for larger accounts to import all their data.

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